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Expect more than coffee

From the beginning, Starbucks set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated coffee but also connection. We are a neighborhood gathering place, a part of your daily routine. Get to know us and you will see: we are so much more than what we brew. We call our employees partners because we are all partners in shared success. We make sure everything we do is through the lens of humanity—from our commitment to the highest-quality coffee in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.


With every cup, with every conversation, with every community – we nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection.


The mutual success we collectively commit to:

Our partner promise: Bridge to a better future
Our customer promise: Uplift the everyday
Our farmer promise: Ensure the future of coffee for all
Our community promise: Contribute positively
Our environmental promise: Give more than we take
Our shareholder promise: Generate long-term returns

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

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We are committed to upholding a culture where inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility are valued and respected. Your entire experience—starting with your application—is designed to be the beginning of an inspirational journey, where you are treated warmly and with transparency, dignity and respect.

All partners (employees) and applicants will be treated fairly, without regard to gender, race, color, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital/family status, gender identity or other factors protected by law. We have zero tolerance for any type of discrimination or harassment based on the foregoing.

Our many Partner Networks (also referred to as employee resource groups) work to create an inclusive environment across Starbucks representing the broad spectrum of our partner backgrounds.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Aside from extraordinary coffee, Starbucks has made a business out of human connections, community involvement and the celebration of cultures. We work with other industry leaders to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product. Each Starbucks store is part of a community, and we are committed to strengthening neighborhoods wherever we do business.

Our Unique Stores

Gyeonggi Yangpyeong Drive-Thru KoreaGyeonggi Yangpyeong Drive-Thru KoreaByuldabang KoreaByuldabang KoreaDewata Bali IndonesiaDewata Bali IndonesiaEmquartier Sky Garden ThailandSMU SingaporeSM North Towers Reserve PhilippinesEstancia Mall Reserve Philippines
Gyeonggi Yangpyeong Drive-Thru Korea
Gyeonggi Yangpyeong Drive-Thru Korea
Byuldabang Korea
Byuldabang Korea
Dewata Bali Indonesia
Dewata Bali Indonesia
Emquartier Sky Garden Thailand
SMU Singapore
SM North Towers Reserve Philippines
Estancia Mall Reserve Philippines

Support for Farming Communities

Open hands holding a bunch of coffee cherries
Photo of Hacienda

Behind a great cup of coffee are farmers all over the world who provide us with the greatest beans. We currently operate Farmer Support Centers in major coffee-producing regions in the world, with Starbucks agronomists sharing best practices to improve the quality of the crop, enhance its profitability and the lives of future generations of coffee farmers.

We take an ethical sourcing approach via the Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) practices to buying coffee from the hundreds of thousands of farmers that we work with globally. C.A.F.E. Practices is a verification program that measures farms against economic, social and environmental criteria, all designed to promote transparent, profitable and sustainable coffee growing practices while also protecting the well-being of coffee farmers, workers, their families and their communities.

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